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At Boundless, we are building the future of IT networking by introducing modern-day technology to an industry historically bogged down by repetitive, error-prone, and manual tasks.

By using network automation and AI, we help enterprise businesses automate the setup, configuration, and daily management of their Cisco Meraki networks, enabling them to operate at a global scale with a level of efficiency that was previously impossible.

Read below to learn how to join us here at Boundless. Together, we can change the way networks are managed, making businesses more efficient and adaptable in a fast-evolving world.

How we work

Our team is fully remote, with team members working across 10-different time zones. Originally launched from Paris, France, our team members now hail from Barcelona, Miami, Marseille, Tbilisi, and Washington DC

Remote FIRST

boundless-employee-maps 1.png

We use a typical suite of collaboration tools such as:
Zoom / Grain
Github / JIRA

We strongly value clear written communication, as well as mutual respect. These values allow us to collaborate effectively, and asynchronous, despite being half a planet apart.

Open Roles

We're seeking bright, driven individuals to join our team.

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