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Cisco Meraki Consultant

Technical Expertise for Meraki Deployment and Configuration
Contract: (Long-term potential)

About Us

Boundless Digital is a growing startup working closely with Cisco to deliver solutions in automated network management, deployment, and configuration. We help companies who's network configuration needs operate at a scale where manual configuration is infeasible.

To strengthen our team, we are seeking a Cisco Meraki Consultant with in-depth knowledge of large-scale Meraki projects. The right candidate will bring a wealth of experience in navigating complex network deployments and architectures, which will help us avoid pitfalls and streamline our processes to offer better solutions to our clients.

Description of Role

The successful candidate will play a pivotal role in identifying, understanding, and solving bottlenecks our team encounters while automating Cisco Meraki network configurations.

Your responsibilities will include:

Identifying and Listing Complex Scenarios: Create a comprehensive list of potential complex and simple scenarios we might face in real-world configurations to build automations around them.
Guiding Configuration Constructs: Guiding our team in setting up complex configurations in our lab environment.
Documentation and Training: Recording step-by-step explainer videos, which will serve as a training tool for our engineering team, and documentation for our automation tasks.
Consultation: Answering questions and provide solutions to scenarios we might encounter with customer production environments.
(Bonus) API Automation Expertise: Mapping manual configurations to API endpoints, explaining the order of operations needed for successful automation (experience in working with Meraki API is a plus but not mandatory).

We value a hands-on approach and a readiness to dive into the intricate details of Meraki setups. If you are adept at working through complex problems and have a deep understanding of Meraki solutions, we want to hear from you.

Initial Tasks

Error Resolution: The most urgent task at hand is resolving a series of errors we encounter in the Meraki Dashboard during automation, involving a deep understanding of error messages and creating solutions for them.

Dependency Mapping: We have a flowchart detailing all of the options for setting up a network. We need to fill in any missing blanks, and update this as much as possible to ensure that its accurate

How to Apply

Please contact us sharing:
Your expertise level in Cisco Meraki and API Automation.
Your availability per week and flexibility regarding synchronous communications considering our time zone.
Your expected rate range.

If you find this opportunity aligns with your skills and career goals, send us a message to set up a call. We look forward to possibly having you as a part of our forward-thinking team pushing the boundaries in automation technology.
Thank you for considering this opportunity. We look forward to hearing from you.

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