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Who we are:
Small startup of 3 people
Help Cisco Meraki customers automate the provisioning and management of their Meraki networks at scale
Migrations from one org to another
Deployment of hundreds or thousands of
Day 2 config:
Large scale configuration changes and management
Do this by creating an automation platform which uses Meraki APIS

Want to

Where we fall short

What I'm looking for:

List out all of the complex setups we can face when constructing a meraki org
Go through at a high level, the steps needed to set these up on the Meraki Dashboard.
Demonstrate the setup and record the video
Be available for consulting and advisory questions when we have a customer with a particular technical need, and we don't know how to address it

How to prepare for the interview

Examples of Work (Media)
Interviez auestions
prep guide
hoz we work
ideal profile
disc, process com

Open Roles
Creative Visual Associate
Technical Writer (Content / Documentation)
Automation Consultant

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